15 invisible warning signs says that your future health is going down [New update]


If you practice an unhealthy lifestyle, then it is possible you were clued in unknowingly to you. On every opportunity, we reach for garbage and shovel it down our throats while we choose to remain completely ignorant of a healthy style and the benefits exercise has to our health. And with time, we’ve been able to shut the nagging voice that encourages us to knock off all those garbage in get our body back in shape. The question is how can you figure out the state of your health without visiting a doctor? Well, it pretty simple to done so if you we give attention to those telltale signs our body present. Below are 14 calls to action signs that show your health is declining.

15- Bad toenails and fingernails

The appearance of your tonails, and fingernails can give a head-up sign once your health is on the decline. Unusual appearances like bumps, discoloration, and ridges at all red flags to call your attention. You can easily spot the status of your health simply by taking out time to examine your nails, so if you’ve probably done this and observe something unusual or growth, it best not to ignore.

Note : if you work in a public institution, it is better for you to obtain a permanent health insurance paid your employer

14 – Body temperature fluctuation

Icy hand and feet are not normal body condition. Although, in some cases, the environment can have some contributing factor. But when this chilling fever symptom becomes persistent, then a sign of cardiovascular problem.

Cold feet and hands are signs that reflect that the body isn’t circulating enough blood as it should. If this high fever symptom persists, we recommend using preexisting medical health insurance or booking an appointment with the doctor.  

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13 – A cloudy mind

The entire body is unified; our brain health and cognitive ability work in tandem and can be influence by our physical body condition. This means that our ability to think and recapture things can be influence

significantly by increased body fat. So if you’re on the big side and finds it difficult to recapture or recall events, then it’s time for a private health care. Work hard and burn off fat.  

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12 – You’re consistently itchy

If you don’t give attention to this, then it possible you probably won’t notice is there. On the other hand, if you think about it, then it’s possible to be there. weird, right?

If your body is extremely itchy and this seems to disrupt your activities during the day, then this can possibly flag a health problem. Alternatively, it could be the way your body reflects it allergic to something you are close to, or the environment you live in. It can also serve as a sign of skin disorder.

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11 – You’re shrinking

Did you recently observe a decline in height? Although most people don’t pay attention to their height, as we grow older, our body shrinks as well. It is important to give this some serious attention since it can serve as one of those health action signals. Declined growth is linked to most health problems, and this is most time due to loss of bone. On the other hand, it could result from a lack of proper nutrients like calcium and protein. If the symptom is ignored, it can lead to bone fracture.

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10 – Premature graying

Growing gray at a young age. Most times, this is seen as part of aging. But when it happens at a young age, then it’s considers a problem. Strays of gray on your hair shouldn’t lead to panic, but if you observe a pattern, then it is advisable to seek the attention of private healthcare expert. This symptom can reflect signs of genetic quirk, while in some cases, its are caused due to other health conditions and thyroid hormonal deficiencies

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9 – Your legs swell

Swelling that occurs on lower extremities are signs of kidney, thyroid, or heart condition. And when you observe this sign, we recommend going for healthcare.

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8 – You develop wrinkles in odd spots

The formation of wrinkles on the skin is normal when you’re aging. However, wrinkles in areas that are not too exposed to sunlight can flag poor health. Check out your lower arms; if you are young and have that part of your body wrinkled, then it is a possible sign of high blood pressure.

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7 – Bad breath

Bad breath can signify gingivitis. Gingivitis explains a more complicated form

of gum disease that if ignored, can lead to more complex dental issues like tooth loss.

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6 – Yellowing eyes

Yellow or cloudy colored eyes are also flags that you’re unhealthy.

This can indicate jaundice, which is caused as a result of having a problem with the liver. The best you can do is consult a health expert as soon as you can.

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5 – Swollen neck

Swollen neck is a sign of overactive thyroid. Consult an expert, especially if it occurred rapidly overnight. 

4 – Bad skin

Your skin quality is another sure way to spot the progress of your entire health. Yes, there are people out there that are struggling with one skin issue or the other, and if you are privilege to be healthy enough,

a change in the appearance of your skin can signify a decline in the status of your health. If you’re currently experiencing blemish like stretch marks on your skin, that can also signify something is wrong with your health in general.

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3 – Sleep issues

Do you find it difficult to sleep? Then that can also be a sign that you need to make changes to your day to day activity. This can result from excessive intake of caffeine, eating wrong foods,

or not performing enough activities during the day. Lack of sleep, if ignored for a protracted time, can lead to further health complications.

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2 – Bathroom problems

According to international health insurance uk : For your health care : Take note of the color of your urine, an unusual urine color can be a hidden sign of dangerous disease. Now,

red to brown urine is an identifying characteristic of porphyria, a rare, inherited disorder of red blood cells. it could also a characteristic on anemia.

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1 – Lip balm reliance

If your lips are continuously chapped, and you’re now used to lip balm, this can also be a reactive way in which your body uses to flag health issues. The condition of your lips can indicate your current state of vitamins.

If your lips are always chapped, then it’s possible you lack some essential vitamins. The best you can do at this time is to diversify your diet and get the right proportion of nutrient

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