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Bon Appetit | A Stylish Culinary Journal
Bon Appetit | A Stylish Culinary Journal

It’s a beautiful, modern blogging platform…a visually rich interface for sharing recipes, cooking knowledge, or anything else you’d like to write about.

It’s a recipe sharing site…post your favorite recipes and allow visitors to submit their own. Users can also rate, review and share their favorite recipes with their social network. Best of all, recipes are easy to find with our robust Search functionality, which allows users to search for recipes using a variety of criteria.

It’s a Community Forum that allows you to connect and interact with your readers on a number of levels, and provides a wonderful environment for users to interact with each other.

It features a Culinary Learning component with links to relevant video tutorials for those times when you want to learn something new.

It contains a clever Shopping List Generator that produces a shopping list from the handy Ingredient, Resource and Equipment Checklists that are provided with the theme. Simply print out the list and you’re all set!

Bon Appetit also includes a beautiful Email Template, so you can share your recipes or culinary knowledge with your friends.

Additionally, it contains a full-featured Shopping component. Open your own Online Bakery, a Culinary Shop or virtually ANY type of Storefront you might wish to open. Even though Bon Appetit is billed as a Culinary Theme, it has been designed with great flexibility so it can be used for virtually any type of business or personal use.

It’s versatile and easy to customize! Even though it basically originated as a culinary theme, Bon Appetit can easily be adapted to work well for a number of different purposes: Restaurants, Catering Companies, Bakeries. It would even make an awesome Creative Portfolio for an individual or agency. And that’s just a few of the ways it could be adapted.

Last but not least, we just completed a NEW DEMO that’s structured specifically for Restaurants, Bistros and Bars. It’s incredibly full-featured and will be out shortly, so stay tuned!

29+ PSD Files Included:

  • 01_Index.psd
  • 02_BlogList_LargeImage.psd
  • 03_BlogList_Sidebar.psd
  • 04_BlogPost_Modern.psd
  • 05_BlogPost_Sidebar.psd
  • 06_Recipes_Grid_2col.psd
  • 07_Recipes_Grid_3col.psd
  • 08_Recipes_Grid_Sidebar
  • 09_SingleRecipe_Style1.psd
  • 10_SingleRecipe_Stye2.psd
  • 11_RecipeIndex.psd
  • 12_MenuSuggestions.psd
  • 13_Forum_Main.psd
  • 14_Forum_IndividualForum.psd
  • 15_Forum_SingleForumPost.psd
  • 16_AboutMe.psd
  • 17_Contact.psd
  • 18_UserProfile.psd
  • 19_VideoCourses.psd
  • 20_Elements1.psd
  • 21_Elements2.psd
  • 22_Elements3.psd
  • 23_Header-Nav.psd
  • 24_Banner.psd
  • 25_EmailTemplate.psd
  • 26_Shop_Landing.psd
  • 27_Shop_Products.psd
  • 28_Shop_Products2.psd
  • 29_Shop_ProductDetail.psd

Soon to come:

  • 30_Restaurant_Index.psd
  • 31_Restaurant_Intro.psd
  • 32_Restaurant_Menu.psd
  • 33_Restaurant_Team.psd
  • 34_Restaurant_Events.psd
  • 35_Restaurant_Reservations.psd

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