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Genemy - Creative Multi Concept Landing Pages Pack With Page Builder
Genemy - Creative Multi Concept Landing Pages Pack With Page Builder

Genemy is a theme that has been built to serve a number of purposes. It is a WordPress theme that consists of an array of the Landing Page Layouts. In the case of Genemy, the default Landing Page layout is called Demo’d. It features so many things like a really attractive and captivating introduction for the beginning and a section of portfolio that contains modals with the bigger image. These modals are the ones that let the users remain on the same page.

In addition to these features, the default Landing Page Layout also contains various other things like typography section dividers as well as testimonial slider also. Finally, coming towards the end of the Landing Page layout, there are the contact details so that one can contact the company easily; plus, there is a CTA button at the end. Genemy is an award-winning agency that makes digital creations.

Varying features of Genemy

It creates for the growth of businesses. Following are various features attached with Genemy:

  • Web Development: It’s an era of digital marketing and Genemy is a theme that works in the field of web development.
  • Brand Identity: Genemy helps create a new identity for your business or company. It helps you make it a brand that would be then well known and flourishing.
  • Keyword Research: It lets you be the top option for the ones who carry out various searches on the internet.
  • User Experience: Genemy offers a great user experience. It’s got excellent features that make the theme user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Concept of Genemy: The concept and the idea behind the theme Genemy was to let your business grow immensely within less time. And this is possible with the use of great quality themes that carry even greater features.

So the theme has been a creation itself that creates further to help your business reach greater heights.

More about Genemy

Genemy carries a very special feature that it has come into existence with the Visual Composer. Visual Composer is a powerful page builder that is valued at the amount of $33.

It is a WordPress Landing Pages Pack, that is clean as well as completely responsive. The features like being powerful pack, usable for so many purposes and creative make it the right choice for so many businesses. Genemy is considered the one best theme for businesses that are new in the industry and for agencies that require a lot of creativity in their work.

It is great for designers as they are always in search of newer and better themes and freelancers also. Hence it’s an effective choice to go with.

Now let us see why one should choose Genemy above other themes.


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