Genesis Framework v3.3.0[Nulled][Download Free]

Genesis Framework Package
Genesis Framework Package

Some child themes include Footer widget areas which display below the site content and above
the site footer.
You may use any widgets you like in these areas. Note: If you don’t place a widget in the first
Footer widget area, the other Footer widget areas will not activate.

  1. Title: Enter a title for this widget (optional). This title will be displayed at the top of the
    widget content.
  2. Category: Use the drop down to select which category you’d like to feature. You can
    feature all categories or a single category.
  3. Number of Posts to Show: Enter the number of posts you’d like to display in this
  4. Number of Posts to Offset: Enter the number of posts to offset (or skip). Offset is used
    when you have Featured Posts appearing elsewhere and you don’t want to repeat posts
    in those areas. Offsetting by 1 will show the next most recent post.
  5. Order by: Use the drop down to select the order in which the posts should be
  6. Sort Order: Use the drop down to select whether the order should be descending or
  7. Exclude Previously Displayed Posts?: Check the box to exclude posts that have
    already been displayed on the page. This is useful when a post has been assigned to
    more than one category and there are more than one Genesis Featured Posts widget on
    the page.
  8. Exclude Sticky Posts: Check the box to prevent sticky posts from being displayed.
  9. Show Author Gravatar: Check to display the post author’s gravatar with each post. For
    this to display, the author must have a gravatar from associated
    with the email address in his or her profile.

Open Source Genesis Framework

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