MediaCenter v2.7.13 – Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme[Nulled][Free Download]


Before updating to v2.x: Please read this general guide:

Important Announcement : Before updating to 2.0.0, please make sure you backup your files. Please read this guide :

Updating via Envato Toolkit from 1.x to 2.x, the theme name has been changed from Media Center to MediaCenter in keeping with WP standards. This means that Envato Toolkit fails to recognize the theme as being installed. You will most likely get a folder already exists error. To avoid this, please backup all your theme files manually. Once you have backedup, remove the mediacenter folder completely and upload the new unzipped mediacenter folder. This will make sure that folders are replaced instead of being merged. If you are updating from 2.x to 2.x, you can use Envato Toolkit.

Since v2.5.0 Product Brands and Labels taxonomies are migrated to product attributes. Please read this guide:

Since v2.1.0 The theme is compatible with ECWID. Please take a look at the demo of ECWID here : Here is more documentation on ECWID Integration

Since v2.0.0 PSD files have been removed from the downloaded package. However it is available on request. This is to keep the file size low and provide faster updates


MediaCenter extends the Shop functionality of WooCommerce plugin with additional features.

  • Lazy Loading to enable faster loading of pages
  • Can display products in 6 different ways
  • Touch Enabled sliders for product thumbnails
  • Product Labels to tag products to various labels in addition to On Sale
  • Product Wishlist and Product Comparison functionalities
  • Product Brands Allows you to add brands to your products
  • Additional widgets to filter by Brand
  • SEO Optimized

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MediaCenter - Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme - 33

2020-02-15 – v2.7.13

Feature : WP Forms Compatibility
Feature : One Click Demo Import Improvements
Feature : WooCommerce 3.9.x Compatible
Update  : Slider Revolution to 6.1.7
Update  : WP Bakery Page Builder to 6.1

2019-08-14 – v2.7.12

Fix     : get_woocommerce_term_meta notice issue fixed

2019-08-07 – v2.7.11

Update  : Updated Slider Revolution to 6.0.9
Update  : Updated Visual Composer to 6.0.5

MediaCenter – v2.7.10 – 10-May-2019

Update  : Updated Slider Revolution to
Update  : Updated Visual Composer to 5.7
Update  : Updated translation template    

MediaCenter – v2.7.9 – 01-Feb-2019

Updated Revolution Slider
Checkout placeholder issue fixed

MediaCenter – v2.7.8 – 08-Jan-2019

Updated Visual Composer
Updated Revolution Slider
Products 6-1 gallery issue fixed
WooCommerce Blocks plugin compatibility issue fixed

MediaCenter – v2.7.7 – 09-Nov-2018

Updated Visual Composer
Updated Revolution Slider
ECWID mobile search issues fixed
Compatible with WooCommerce 3.5.x

MediaCenter – v2.7.6 – 01-Aug-2018

Updated Visual Composer
Updated Revolution Slider
ECWID header issues fixed
Extensions Plugin Network Active issue fixed
Visual Composer with WooCommerce RTL issue fixed

MediaCenter – v2.7.5 – 11-Jun-2018

Updated Visual Composer
Updated Revolution Slider
Compatible with WooCommerce 3.4.x

MediaCenter – v2.7.4 – 05-Mar-2018

Fixed live search issue with WC 3.3.x

MediaCenter – v2.7.3 – 07-Feb-2018

Updated Revolution Slider
Compatible with WooCommerce 3.3.1

MediaCenter – v2.7.2 – 02-Feb-2018

Updated Visual Composer
Updated Revolution Slider
Compatible with WooCommerce 3.3.0

MediaCenter – v2.7.1 – 03-Jan-2018

Updated Visual Composer
Updated Revolution Slider
Updated TGMPA requirements
ECWID 5.7.x compatibility added
Fixed empty menu item issue with navwalker

MediaCenter – v2.7.0 – 15-Nov-2017

Updated Revolution Slider
Updated dummy data
One click demo import feature added

MediaCenter – v2.6.7 – 25-Oct-2017

Updated TGMPA requirements
Updated Visual Composer
Updated Revolution Slider
Mobile menu swipe issue fixed
Products 6-1 block issues fixed
Compatible with WooCommerce 3.2.0
WPML check issue fixed
ECWID product tab, checkout and price tax issues fixed
Single product gallery carousel feature added
Single product accessories feature added

MediaCenter – v2.6.6 – 07-Jul-2017

Updated TGMPA requirements
Updated Visual Composer
TGMPA Warning: sprintf() issue fixed
ECWID Latest Version compatible issues fixed

MediaCenter – v2.6.5 – 03-Jul-2017

Updated TGMPA requirements
Revolution Slider updated
Add to cart ajax script issue fixed

MediaCenter – v2.6.4 – 06-May-2017

Fixed a issue with brand and label migration
Live search js issue fixed

MediaCenter – v2.6.3 – 03-May-2017

Updated TGMPA requirements
Updated Revolution Slider
Visual Composer flexslider updated
ECWID VC element url issue fixed
Live search issue fixed

MediaCenter – v2.6.2 – 18-Apr-2017

ECWID VC element price issue fixed
Cross sell and Upsell title issue fixed
Live search ajax issue fixed

MediaCenter – v2.6.1 – 06-Apr-2017

Categories archive title issue fixed
Related Product title issue fixed
Checkout page select issue fixed

MediaCenter – v2.6.0 – 06-Apr-2017

Updated TGMPA requirements
WooCommerce 3.0.0 compatibility added

MediaCenter – v2.5.1 – 24-Mar-2017

Updated TGMPA requirements
Updated Visual Composer
Updated Revolution Slider
Dokan templates updated
GMap API Key include option added

MediaCenter – v2.5.0 – 14-Feb-2017

Updated TGMPA requirements
Brand and Label Taxonomies migrated to product attributes

MediaCenter – v2.4.0 – 19-Dec-2016

Updated Visual Composer
Updated Revolution Slider
Updated TGMPA requirements
Product taxonomies page layout issue fixed
Dokan sidebar issue fixed
Handheld header/footer layout changed

MediaCenter – v2.3.6 – 15-Nov-2016

Updated Visual Composer
Updated TGMPA requirements
ECWID Latest Version compatible

MediaCenter – v2.3.5 – 11-Oct-2016

Updated Visual Composer
Updated TGMPA requirements
Updated WPAlchemy

MediaCenter – v2.3.4 – 19-Aug-2016

Updated Revolution Slider
Updated TGMPA requirements
Fixed a issue with Brands Filter
Comment form email style issue fixed
JSON Structured data for SEO

MediaCenter – v2.3.3 – 19-Jun-2016

WooCommerce 2.6 Compatibility
Updated Slider Revolution

MediaCenter – v2.3.2 – 13-Jun-2016

Home Page Tabs can now display more than 4 products
Updated Visual Composer 4.12

MediaCenter – v2.3.1 – 06-Jun-2016

Updated TGMPA requirements
Updated Revolution Slider
TGMPA class updated
Livesearch typeahead issue fixed
Terms shortcode added
Removed auto-capitalize
Fixed WooCommerce reset loop
Filters for product taxonomies, brand

MediaCenter – v2.3.0 – 29-Apr-2016

Updated TGMPA requirements
Dokan review template issue fixed
Dokan seller registration page alignment issue fixed
Dokan seller dashboard product edit page layout issue fixed

MediaCenter – v2.2.2 – 22-Apr-2016

Updated Visual Composer
Updated Revolution Slider
Updated TGMPA requirements

MediaCenter – v2.2.1 – 13-Apr-2016

Updated Visual Composer
Updated Revolution Slider
Updated TGMPA requirements

MediaCenter – v2.2.0 – 02-Mar-2016

Made compatible with Dokan Lite
Updated Visual Composer and Revslider
Made compatible with Ajax slider
Fixed an issue with price suffix

MediaCenter – v2.1.2 – 16-Feb-2016

Fixed an issue with search bar categories dropdown
Responsive issues with header v2 menu
Fixed an issue with typography in theme options
Updated TGMPA requirements
Restructured framework directory

MediaCenter – v2.1.1 – 22-Jan-2016

Vertical Menu dropdown issue fixed
Breadcrumb departments menu dropdown hover issue fixed
Custom CSS issue fixed
Color issue in ECWID cart page is fixed
BlockUI javascript issue fixed

MediaCenter – v2.1.0 – 21-Jan-2016

Updated Visual Composer
Updated TGMPA requirements
Live search issue fixed
Comaptible with WooCompare
Compatible with WooCommerce 2.5.0
Compatible with ECWID

MediaCenter – v2.0.9 – 19 Dec 2015

Updated TGMPA to 2.5.2
Updated revslider and js_composer
Double brackets in Product filter fix
Removed deprecated methods for 4.4    
Carousels now have autoplay option

MediaCenter – v2.0.8 – 26 Nov 2015

Updated TGMPA class
Updated premium plugins and recommended plugin versions
Removed documentation from distribution and it will now point to online resource
Added readme_first.txt to distribution
Better social icons for footer

MediaCenter – v2.0.7 – 03 Nov 2015

Responsive issues with cart page and sticky header
Currency switcher for latest WPML
6-1 Product grid AJAX issue fix
Issues with search category dropdown

MediaCenter – v2.0.6 – 17 Oct 2015

Responsive issues with Cart and Checkout Page
Shop By Departments submenu to show category tree
wow.min.js console error bug fix
Search category dropdown overlap issue
Removed checkout page header class
Fixed mc_woocommerce_image_dimensions issue
Added static block widget

MediaCenter – v2.0.5 – 07 Oct 2015

Issues with Live Search (Included meta query to not display invisible products)
Product Categories style fix in list view
Removed unnecessary files
Localized live search empty message
Forced echo render on top cart dropdown
Linked thumbnail image in list view

MediaCenter – v2.0.4 – 06 Oct 2015

Added screen-reader-text style
Fixed myaccount padding issue
Fixed color issue with mini cart dropdown
Added labels for 6-1 products grid
Made single product tabs more responsive
Fixed search results returning hidden products in live search
Fixed Product labels missing in single product page    
Updated Visual Composer and Slider Revolution

MediaCenter – v2.0.3 – 21 Sep 2015

Removed wp_title filter
Updated Visual Composer
Updated Slider Revolution
Fixed search bar border issue
Updated instructions for custom color
Fixed lazy loading issue in admin panel

MediaCenter – v2.0.2 – 11 Sep 2015

Moved product image sizes to theme switch
Removed obsolete functions
Fixed styling in upsell and cross sell
Fixed an issue with horizontal menu
Replaced native select for search bar with custom select
Fixed a layout issue with custom product taxonomies
Updated Revolution Slider

MediaCenter – v2.0.1 – 08 Sep 2015

Fixes to Product Subcategories grid
Fixes Search bar issues

MediaCenter – v2.0.0 – 07 Sep 2015

Compatible with WordPress 4.3
Compatible with WooCommerce 2.4
Compatible with Visual Composer 4.7
Migrated from LESS to SASS
Compatible with YITH WooCompare and Wishlist premium plugins
Removed PSD files. Now designs are available on request.
Updated Twitter Typeahead    

MediaCenter – v1.2.4 – 12 Jun 2015

Upgraded prettyPhoto and Visual Composer

MediaCenter – v1.2.3 – 12 Jun 2015

Fixed fatal error on my-orders.php template

MediaCenter – v1.2.2 – 11 Jun 2015

Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.3.11
Updated Revolution Slider
Updated Visual Composer
Improved values for config files
Filters for "Get in Touch" text
Loaded text_domain in extensions
Fixed CSS for payment box
Removed data-toggle for hover menus
Updated .po files

MediaCenter – v1.2.1 – 30 Apr 2015

Enable star rating for grid view
Enable linking for service icon vc element
Option to hide top bar on mobile
Filters for "Shop by Department" and Breadcrumb title
Shipping and Billing Country field bug fix
Product Slug on RTL
Added margin top for top bar with store notice
Changed all faulty text domains
Removed "required" for lot of plugins.

MediaCenter – v1.2.0 – 23 Apr 2015

Updated Visual Composer
Removed Redux Framework from core
Updated TGM Activation Class
Fixed "Product Added" for YITH Wishlist Plugin
Removed action for cart collaterals
Added missing archive description hook
Fixed Security Vulnerability

MediaCenter – v1.1.0 – 31 Mar 2015

WooCommerce 2.3.7 Compatibility
Visual Composer Updated
Shop Fullwidth bug fixed
Redux Framework Dev mode
Updated Google API Key

MediaCenter – v1.0.9 – 27 Feb 2015

WooCommerce 2.3.5 Compatibility
YITH Wishlist Compatibility
Live Search Issues
RTL issues on header

MediaCenter – v1.0.8 – 14 Feb 2015

WooCommerce 2.3.3 Compatibility
Home Page Tabs

MediaCenter – v1.0.7 – 12 Feb 2015

WooCommerce 2.3.1 Compatibility
Updated Visual Composer
Updated Revolution Slider
Fixed pagination bug

MediaCenter – v1.0.6 – 09 Jan 2015

Rich snippets for Breadcrumb.
Users can now choose whether to show or hide product titles in breadcrumbs. Hiding product titles in breadcrumb will prevent overflowing in breadcrumbs.
Improved WPML Compatibility.
Pluggable template functions – this means you will can easily override functions in functions.php in your child themes.
Filters for product titles – All product titles will now have filters which you can use to modify the output of the titles like trimming the length or adding external URL, etc.
Search Bar fix in IE
Broken animations on catalog mode
Visual bugs on 6-1 Products Grid
Fixes to RTL stylesheet
Missing style of shop messages
My account – change password fix.

MediaCenter – v1.0.5 – 20 Dec 2014

Made Visual Composer compatible with WordPress v4.1

MediaCenter – v1.0.4 – 11 Nov 2014

Added Vertical Menu as a widget
You can now choose whether you want to crop images or not, earlier it was made by making change to the code.
Fixed Issue with Live Search
Shipping Calculator
Tax Calculator
Responsive Issues
Images Overlapping
Brands Carousel Fix

MediaCenter – v1.0.3 – 04 Nov 2014

Product Live Search
Sticky Header
Default Product View, either Grid or List
Remember user selection
Owl Carousel RTL Compatible
Increased website speed
Revamped Search Bar area
Broken Shipping Calculator
States did not switch on changing the countries on Checkout page
Transients weren't deleted when products were added to brand
RTL issues fixed
Better RTL compatability
Pagination link fix
Dropdown on hover issues
Responsive issues fix

MediaCenter – v1.0.2 – 23 Oct 2014

Updated to be compatible with WooCommerce 2.2.7

MediaCenter – v1.0.1 – 22 Oct 2014

Added Child theme
Fixed Responsive bugs
Fixed custom color issue 
Fixed Product Comparison clear all bug 
Fixed Vertical menu multiple dropdown issue. 
Revslider plugin updated

MediaCenter – v1.0.0 – 16 Oct 2014

Initial Release

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