MetForm Pro v1.1.2 – Advanced Elementor Form Builder[Nulled][Download Free]

Metform Elementor Addon – Most flexible and design-friendly Contact Form builder
Metform Elementor Addon – Most flexible and design-friendly Contact Form builder

Metform builder an addon for elementor, build any form on the fly with metform builder. It can manage multiple contact forms, and you can customize the form with an elementor builder.
MetForm is not only a contact form plugin, but it is also a complete drag & drop form builder with elementor. You can build any contact forms, in Just Minutes. You don’t even Have to be a programmer or developer.


  • Built with Elementor: With the most powerful Elementor form builder, create your impressive forms without any experience and professional knowledge. Most importantly, it is budget friendly and time consuming. We are providing every possible functionalities that you want to create a form with elementor page builder.
  • Elementor Input fields: To create your desirable forms, We have designed a lot of Elementor widgets fields to build your form and any style you want with Text field, Email field, Number field, Date field Time field, Select field, Textarea field, Checkbox field, Radio field, Switcher field, Range slider field, URL field, Password field, Response Message, Opt-in, reCAPTCHA, Rating, File Upload, and many more.
  • User confirmation email: A confirmation email can be sent when a user registers or enters their data to confirm their registration.
  • Admin notification email: Notify admin after user submission is completed or any type of customer data is processed.
  • Saved entries in the admin panel: Save all the data that users give to fill up the form and displays in the admin panel.
  • Export entries as CSV: Export multiple data from your metform that user entries in a single CSV file and download in a spreadsheet.
  • Required Login to submit the form: This feature will show all the required fields to fill up the form by giving a simple red star icon and provide an error message if needed.
  • Capture User Browser Data: Displays the users browsers information like Web browser, Visited URL, Title, Visit Time, Visit Count, and User Profile etc.
  • Hide Form After Submission: Able to hide your form after the user fills all the necessary fields and hits on the submit button.
  • Limit Total Entries: Enable limit to the number of submission entries to your metform and give an error message after getting crossed.
  • Redirect after successful form submission: Simply add desired destination URL and redirect to that page after successfully submitting the form.
  • MailChimp integration: Easily integrates mailchimp to create and manage mailing list, automated mailing, newsletter, and many other options.
  • Slack integration: Redirect all the form data to integrate with slack and get the customer information in a team faster.
  • Google reCAPTCHA integration: Allow you to integrate Google reCAPTCHA to keep your site safe from unwanted spam and abusive traffiq.
  • Validate required fields: Help you to validate your form’s required field and give an error message if needed for making your form standard and way more professional.
  • Form submission via AJAX without page refreshes: Permit you to submit your form without loading your page via AJAX to make it more user friendly and time consuming.
  • Supports multiple-column layout: Specify multiple column layout as many you would like to display. Simply add the column in just one click.
  • Shortcode support: Add powerful features with a simple Shortcode without any knowledge of technical complicated lengthy code.
  • Editable successful form submission message: Gives access to edit your successful form submission message so you can personalize your own message.
  • Translation ready: Our plugin supports multiple languages that means you can easily translate a language into your languages.

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