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PDF Stamper
PDF Stamper

PDF Stamper is a PHP script that stamps automatically PDF files with multiple custom images and smart text. The demo allows you to upload and add multiple images and smart texts, select the font family, style and color. You can also decide the position of the stamp.

This script can help you to modify a massive number of PDF files (Tested with more then 200 files at the same time, also big files 5 MB), adding your company logo, mark as ‘Paid’ the invoices, put the Director sign on a lot of pages or put a very cool ‘Top Secret’ red stamp on all the pages of your really secret PDF!

This script uses different resources in order to work: – jQuery 1.11.1 – jQuery File Upload – jQuery ColorPicker – Bootstrap 3.2.0 – fpdf – tcpdf – fpdfi

You can easily adjust the settings or create new ones, add more functionalities and features to the script.


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