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Wrting is a clean and minimal blog theme for perfect for writers who need to create personal blog site with simple creative features and effects to make readers feel the pleasure of reading blog posts and articles, Writing personal blog theme mixes between modern, classic and minimal styles and will help you create a simple and clean blog, if you are a blogger, then it’s a perfect choice for you if you don’t need to have any experiment to setup your WordPress personal blog, it’s super simple and easy to setup, you will get high quality, responsive, well crafted blog out of the box to make writers only focuses on writing content, and it has great typography to make your fans and followers focus on every word you write.

New In version 3.00: You get Writing RTL blog, it has improved to fully support RTL languages with almost no difference to LTR languages, now you can use Writing to impress your readers with this amazing minimal RTL blog if your language is written from Right to left, we used the Arabic language as an example, you can check the demo here:

Writing Blog Features

  • Minimal Design
  • Clean Typography
  • Perfect SEO ( Everything is perfect sorted according to HTML5 outline rules, it will boost your SEO results in Search Engines )
  • Perfect Social Engagements
    • 24+ Social Icons
    • Social Share Buttons
    • Facebook Open Graph Tags
    • Facebook, Google Plus +, Latest Tweets & Social Icons Widgets
  • Different Blog Styles
    • Classic Style
    • Grid or Masonry Style
    • List Style
  • Easy To Customize ( Using WordPress Live Customizer)
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Touch Friendly
  • Responsive Mobile Menu
  • RTL Languages Support
  • Multi-lingual &Translation Ready WPML Compatible
  • Cross Browsers Support

Minimal design to focus on readability.

Writing is a minimal personal blog theme for WordPress, everything was made very simple just for you.
You have to focus only on writing your content and this theme will give the great reading experience for your blog followers.

Amazing SEO results, It will boost your SEO.

Writing theme has been well structured and has the most advanced and perfect HTML outline to make a friendly relationship between search engines and your website.
Everything is build according the most recent rules of Search Engines, so using this theme will boost your SEO results and will bring right readers to you.

Many ways to show your blog content.

You have many options to show your blog posts, you can simply switch between blog styles (DefaultClassicListMasonry) you choose the best way to show your content.

Everything is Super Easy to setup.

Not only has a simple design, but also everything is simple and very easy setup, you don?t need any skills to customize your blog, you only need to install the theme and you will get your blog ready.

Great social engagement, you can show yourself.

Your social profiles are your ID on the web, with Writing WordPress theme you can show yourself on several social networks.
Your articles will have a good relation with social networks too, all pages are well built using Open Graph to look good when you share them on social networks.


Version 3.70 – 12 Nov. 2019

– Fix Instagram widget issue.
– Improve Cookies Notice in mobile.
– Minor fixes.

Version 3.69 – 12 Nov. 2019

– Fix Video in single posts.
– Improvements in Gutenberg editor.
– Fix in Uncrop Gallery option.
– Add Medium to Social Media Links.
– Minor fixes.

Version 3.68 – 12 Oct 2019

– Fix Instagram Feed widget issue.
– Add Authors Page template (to show all users).
– Add Tumblr to Social Media links.
– Add Performance Settings.
– Add option to lazy load images.
– Add Lazy Load loader option.
– Add Lazy Load Effect.
– Minor fixes.

Version 3.67 – 15 Aug 2019

– Fix empty Skype in Social widget. (update Writing Core to v1.1)
– Add option to disable masonry effect (equal heights).
– Add Houzz to Social links list.
– Fixes for Gutenberg styles.
– Minor fixes.

Version 3.66 – 10 July 2019

– Create Writing Core plugin to include widgets.
– Add option to set Footer Widget columns (3-1 columns).
– Add Twitch to social links.
– Minor fixes.

Version 3.65 – 15 Mar 2019

– Fix excerpt issue.
– Add Pinterest embed support.
– Add images lazyload option.
– Add wide image to Gutenberg editor.
– Minor fixes.

Version 3.64 – 9 Feb 2019

– Fix Sliding Sidebar button in mobile.
– Improve About Me Image size.
– Minor fixes.

Version 3.63 – 14 Jan 2019

– Fix Featured Masonry in mobile.
– Fix sliding sidebar icon in mobile.
– Improve Gallery images sizing.
– Add option to use different images sizes for different screens (Recommended, enable it from Customizer).
– Minor fixes.

Version 3.62 – 30 December 2018

– Fix sticky sliding sidebar icon.
– Fix share icons hover.

Version 3.61 – 30 December 2018

– Fix custom site width issue.
– Fix Links widget issue at customizer.

Version 3.60 – 29 December 2018

– Major improvements in Customizer.
– Compatibility with WordPress 5.x (Gutenberg editor specifically).
– Add option to insert logo at Top Bar.
– Add option to change logo styles (image – text – image and text)
– Add option to set text logo top margin (in case of image and text logo)
– Add option to set image logo top margin (in case of image and text logo)
– Add option to show Featured Image caption in single post.
– Add option to show Featured Image caption in posts list.
– Add Goodreads link to social links.
– Add Mail link to social links.
– Add option to change (Category:) word before category title at category page.
– Add option to hide Category description at category page.
– Add option to change (Tag:) word before tag title at tag page.
– Add option to hide Tag description at tag page.
– Add option to show banner on single standard post (useful for old blogs with lots of posts).
– Change Code used to set sub-colors when using custom Main/post content bg colors from Javascript to PHP (better performance and user experience)
– Fix 404 page to show full width if 404 sidebar doesn’t exist.
– Fix sticky menu height issue at mobile.
– Minor code fixes.

Version 3.53 – 30 August 2018

– Fix Twitter widget connection issue.
– Fix Twitter widget links issue.
– Add option to include images in tweets for Twitter widget.
– Add option to exclude replies in tweets for Twitter widget.
– Add option to show full tweet in tweets for Twitter widget.
– Add Amazon link to social media links.
– Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 3.52 – 4 August 2018

– Fix Default share image issue at home page.
– Add Wikipedia link to social media links.
– Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 3.51 – 19 June 2018

– Add List with Featured Post Blog Layout.
– Update Google Fonts list.
– Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 3.50 – 8 May 2018

– Fix inline images in post content in mobile.
– Fix share icons in the list with sidebar.
– Improve Ajax load SEO friendly.
– Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 3.491 -22 Apr. 2018

– Add Telegram link to top header social links.
– Fix tags cloud issues.

Version 3.490 -22 Apr. 2018

– Improve mobile menu action.
– Improve sticky header style.
– Minor fixes.

Version 3.481 -18 Apr. 2018

– Fix Instagram issue due to API update.
– Fix Instagram widget issue in media images.

Version 3.47 -18 Apr. 2018

– Fix Sticky logo option issues.
– Add option to lazy load video & audio banners.
– Minor fixes.



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