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Zeen is a next generation news & magazine WordPress theme. You’ve literally never seen or used a theme that looks or works like this before. Zeen can quickly be mastered by users of any skill level. Power your creative ideas and create a beautiful, silky-smooth and highly unique magazine, personal blog, newspaper, reviews site or even full blown WooCommerce shop. Ideal for all types of niches, including travel, viral, food and news sites.


VERSION 3.7.2 – 9TH MAY 2020

  • New: Theme Options > Posts: 5 New Reaction Emojis (Sad, cry, angry, kiss & money)
  • New: Theme Options > Typography > Font Sizes: Breadcrumbs
  • New: Theme Options > Posts: Hero Image Click Opens Lightbox
  • Improved: Zeen backend options: When you add self-hosted video/audio to option: A thumbnail + X (remove) icon will appear.
  • Improved: Zeen Theme Options: Post share blocks now preview properly
  • Improved: Crossorigin attribute added to font
  • Fix: Blocks set to only appear on mobile weren’t showing video media button on mobile
  • Fix: Reading bar wasn’t visible
  • Fix: Self Hosted video dark media design: Spacing below video
  • Updated: Google Fonts list updated to include all latest additions
  • Updated: Plugin: Let’s Review v3.1.6
  • Updated: Plugin: Zeen Engine v2.5.4

VERSION 3.7.1 – 30TH APRIL 2020

  • Fix: is_product() method on non-WooCommerce sites

VERSION 3.7.0 – 29TH APRIL 2020

  • New: Grid and Slider new hover animation options: Rotate Left / Rotate Right
  • New: Tipi Builder: Social Icons Block: TikTok option
  • Improved: Live Search: Typing detection improved
  • Improved: French translation – Thanks Leo :-)
  • Improved: Russian Translation 100% completed. Thanks Rostislav :-)
  • Improved: Accessibility on empty links
  • Improved: Dark Mode: Mobile headers set to Light option: Icons weren’t changing color
  • Improved: Menu Icons wih text titles inherit the typography settings of the menu
  • Improved: Mobile Bottom Share Bar: Won’t appear on posts with no content
  • Improved: Slight database performance boost if using custom background images for various elements
  • Improved: Slight load performance boost from font loading
  • Fix: Tipi Builder: Classic Big Block: When set to show full post content, load more results would show excerpt
  • Fix: Tipi Builder blocks background: Content Area Background setting wasn’t applying correct background color
  • Fix: Edit With Tipi Builder button in admin bar missing
  • Fix: One of the classic block layouts didn’t have the image effects applying
  • Fix: Mobile Header Design 3: Logo appeared twice
  • Fix: Archive layouts with specific image shape setting + ajax pagaination now loads correct image shape for new posts
  • Updated: Plugin: Zeen Engine v2.5.3


  • New: Theme Options > Global Options: Show current Post/Page name in Breadcrumbs option
  • New: Tipi Builder > Default Posts Block: Exclude X category/s option
  • New: Tipi Builder: Text alignment now has justify option
  • New: Let’s Review now has migration option from Divi reviews
  • Improve: Styling details on tablet
  • Improve: Styling details on footer 6
  • Improve: Menu bold settings now apply to Subscribe button text too
  • Improve: Block with “Full content” excerpt now loads all styling correctly
  • Fix: Tipi Builder: Gallery Block wasn’t outputting title/subtitle
  • Fix: Cookies to stop certain elements from appearing to visitors weren’t applying site-wide
  • Fix: Tipi Builder on WooCommerce category pages: Extra bit of spacing on the sides
  • Fix: Tipi Builder edit button appeared on admin bar incorrectly (button only refreshed page due to this)
  • Updated: Plugin: Let’s Review v3.1.5
  • Updated: Plugin: Zeen Engine v2.5.2

VERSION 3.6.6 – 28TH MARCH 2020

  • New: Theme Options > Mobile Devices: If “Custom” background set to mobile header, you will see a new on/off option called “Change in dark mode”
  • New: Theme Options > Mobile Devices: Alternative logo options for dark mode
  • New: Theme Options > Header > Main Menu: If “Custom” background set, you will see a new on/off option called “Change in dark mode”
  • Fix: Podcast mode activated on new posts
  • Fix: Clickable background takeover ad on posts

VERSION 3.6.5 – 26TH MARCH 2020

  • New: Filter to override related posts query
  • Improve: Further styling improvements to dark mode on different set ups
  • Improve: Styling spacing of sidebars on small mobiles
  • Fix: Trending query was being blocked

VERSION 3.6.4 – 25TH MARCH 2020

  • New: Theme Options > Header > Header Base & logo: If “Custom” background set, you will see a new on/off option called “Change in dark mode”
  • New: Theme Options > Footer: If “Custom” background set, you will see a new on/off option called “Change in dark mode”
  • New: Tipi Builder: All slider blocks: Option to set image shape
  • New: Theme Options > Mobile Devices: Text logo color option
  • Improved: Theme Options > Typography: Text logo color option moved to Theme Options > Header Base & Logo section
  • Fix: Color styling in certain block titles


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